s+f [a poem]

in the back of my college book, dated 28/2/2017

might as well share it

sculling in my skull to keep afloat from formidable forces

sadness and fear, solace and faith, sinking and falling


free? stifled?

Flummoxed. Serenity seems far flung

A forest, sunbeams forming

finger-puppet shadows swirl and flit

on the floor, fluid, safe shapes and soft shimmers,

susurrus of seagulls or finches

fills the space

softens the forms

of faceless spectres fumbling in the fog

seeking focus. Searching for my scrutiny

they fight, squabble and fluctuate

and summon my sight from the soft sun

to the fickle frailty of my substandard security

and stab into my soul frozen fingers,

fiddle with my fragile semi-sense of fulfilment,

and fly away. The summer sinks and fades

to grey.


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