good days

spent in sunshine at the south of england show

noticing growth

noticing that the terror at the swarm of sweaty punters

is replaced by joy seeing their dogs.

the flash of fear when fed a sample of chilli chutney on a cracker (no way to say no, straight to your thighs, won’t fit in jeans tomorrow, one hour jogging to burn away your sins)

is gone; i tried every chutney, every gin, every rum, even cheese; an unusual combination but the experience, ‘i have tried this’ ‘you should try this’ ‘this is awful!’ ‘this is life-changing’ ‘try the ginger one, the plum one, i liked mango more than fig’

tasting raspberry vodka thinking ‘this will be great with prosecco’ not ‘this will be punished with two hundred sit-ups’.

walking through equipment tents, knives

not thinking ‘which will neatly slice my arteries’ but ‘which will dice veg best for curries’

noticing this change,

this insidious change

wellness sneaks up on you. sometimes it sneaks away again.

notice when it’s there.

notice when knives are for cooking, not cutting. when samples are for tasting, not regretting. when people are there, but most of them have dogs.

remember that sometimes it’s easier.


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